I am currently working in making my paintings come to life, so that the brushstrokes show what I immediately detect from my subject. The painting is finished when it communicates something, or when it projects something, that was not necessarily my first thought. It does not have to be when all surfaces are completed, or when I have painted to the edge of the canvas. Therefore, my works are often a little sketchy, but it is probably the sketchy form that lets the work engage with its surroundings. It is exactly this combination that allows the interactions that occur between work and architecture, which then creates something new and unexpected, which is really exciting. The particular piece opens up and merges with the structure and lines in the walls, location and in the city. Then, it becomes much more, a part of something that already exists and through this interaction a new statement emerges.

The initiation point I usually awakened in photos from my phone or from my photo album. The subjects of my works arise from events in my life, which are reflected in the photographs. That’s my starting point. It is an emotional starting point, which involves something I ‘m happy or worry about. This way, a project typically starts when emotions can be connected with or reflected in the photographs I pick out. The connection between the photograph and the feelings that I sense in each photograph, collide so to speak in the work and on the canvas.

The intention is to transform personal experiences, currently with a more sensual and bodily visual artistic grip, than my works have so far expressed, into general narratives, about how inner feelings affect the experience of being human.